Perfectly adapted to the requirements of a job shop operation

Shot blasting, mass finishing and cleaning solutions, including consumables, from one single source


The services offered by the B+S Metallbearbeitung GmbH include all kinds of mass finishing operations like deburring, polishing, etc., as well as shot blasting, part cleaning and packaging. The company handles a broad range of work pieces with different shapes, made from different materials, requiring different finishes and coming from all kinds of industries. To ensure continued excellent quality and on- time deliveries in a cost-effective manner this service company is counting on well- trained employees and utilizes modern equipment and consumables from Rösler.


The beginning of the B+S Metallbearbeitung GmbH dates back to the year 1959. The company, founded by Herbert Bickel, specialized early on in jobshop services in the field of mechanical surface treatment, such as mass finishing. In 1991 Mustafa Sahin became an employee of the B+S Metallbearbeitung GmbH located in Murr in Southern Germany. Since 2004 he held a 50 % share in the company. When the founder decided to withdraw from the business in 2007 for health reasons, Mustafa Sahin became the general manager. He recognized quickly that in order to remain competitive and run the business successfully in the future, the outdated equipment had to be replaced with modern machinery. In addition, to strengthen the company’s competitive position in the market he decided to expand the service portfolio with additional finishing operations. An important aspect of this expansion strategy was to process the customer’s work pieces safely and consistently and to use high-quality equipment that could be operated round-the-clock.


The continuous expansion of the shot blasting job shop services with the latest equipment – like the continuous feed wire mesh belt machine, model RDGE 1000-4, shown here – allows B+S Metallbearbeitung to also process complex work pieces with excellent results and a high cost-efficiency. This helps the company to strengthen its market position.


The best equipment technology for each mass finishing application

The general manager remembers: „In a first step I talked with different suppliers of mass finishing equipment. Among them was also a Rösler employee. I was impressed by the broad Rösler equipment range and the excellent engineering of the high-performance machines, which can be utilized for all kinds of finishing tasks. Another important consideration was that Rösler produces all its mass finishing consumables in-house. This means that equipment, media and compound can be perfectly adapted to our requirements and that I can resort anytime to the experience and knowhow of the   Rösler test lab. Above all, the relationship with the colleagues from Rösler is excellent.” In 2008 Mustafa Sahin decided to purchase a linear, continuous flow mass finishing vibrator, model R 425/6600 DA, that was technically adapted to the company’s requirements. In subsequent years the company purchased two additional continuous flow machines, 14 rotary vibrators and three centrifugal disk finishing machines, all from the equipment manufacturer in Untermerzbach.


Service portfolio expanded by shot blasting and work piece cleaning

Irrespective of the first negative effects of the financial crisis, in 2008 the entrepreneur invested in a shot blast machine to expand his service package. In this case Mr. Sahin decided to also purchase Rösler equipment. „I assumed that the quality of the shot blast equipment was comparable to the excellent quality of the mass finishing machinery. Through intensive consultations and the deep knowledge about shot blasting we could gain through our discussions with the Rösler experts, we determined that a continuous flow shot blast machine was the right product for us,” reports Mustafa Sahin. A major characteristic of the shot blasting process is that the equipment is subject to considerable wear. Therefore, a good technical service with short turnaround times were key factors in the decision for Rösler. „As a job shop we cannot afford long wait times for a service engineer and spare parts,” adds the general manager. Through the continuous expansion of its shot blasting job shop services, in the meantime B+S Metallbearbeitung has purchased   six   additional shot blast machines. The general manager continues:

„Generally, shot blast equipment is subject to significant wear. Therefore, depending on how intensively they are used, we are selling our shot blast machines after 3 to 5 years as used equipment. This allows us to always be technologically up-to-date and to offer our customers the best possible results at competitive prices. With the work piece cleanliness requirements becoming more demanding, the company took advantage of another opportunity to expand its service portfolio. Mustafa Sahin reports: „In numerous conversations with our customers we learnt that many companies wanted to outsource the cleaning of their work pieces and that they were looking for a reliable job shop for this service. We found that work piece cleaning was an excellent opportunity to expand our surface treatment activities.”

After comprehensive research and a thorough market analysis the customer chose a water based cleaning system from Rösler. The work piece cleaning operations are taking place in conjunction with mass finishing, shot blasting, a 100% quality control and/or packaging. But the cleaning services are also offered separately. In the meantime, work piece cleaning has become a core competency of the company and will be further expanded. In this respect the general manager is looking for a cooperation with a laboratory specializing in cleanliness analytics that will assist him to prove that the cleanliness demands for certain cleaning jobs have been met.


A market position that has been achieved by quality, flexibility and taking  calculated risks

With its philosophy to react to the individual customer requirements with excellent quality, a high cost efficiency and on-time deliveries B+S has successfully established itself in the market. In the meantime renowned companies from various industries, such as car manufacturers and automotive suppliers, machinery building companies, furniture manufacturers, medical engineering companies, as well as foundries and stamping companies are relying on the services offered by the jobshop. The company handles work pieces made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, copper, brass and plastic components. The decision to utilize modern finishing technologies, high-quality equipment and consumables and the courage to invest during difficult times are certainly one reason for the success of B+S. Mustafa Sahin concludes: „Our success in the field of mechanical surface treatment depends on the right equipment, the best consumables and knowledgeable partners who can inform us about the latest developments and provide a comprehensive knowledge transfer. We get all this from a single source, namely Rösler.”


For over 80 years the privately owned Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH has been  actively engaged in the field of surface preparation and surface finishing. As global market leader we offer a comprehensive portfolio of equipment, consumables and services  around the mass finishing and shot blasting technologies for a wide spectrum of different industries. Our range of about 15,000 consumables, developed in our Customer Experience Center and laboratories located all over the world, specifically serves our customers for resolving their individual finishing needs. Under the brand name AM Solutions we offer numerous equipment solutions and services in the area of additive manufacturing/3D printing. Last-but-not-least, as our central training center the Rösler Academy offers practical, hands-on seminars to the subjects mass finishing and shot blasting, lean management and additive manufacturing. Besides the German manufacturing locations in Untermerzbach/Memmelsdorf and Bad Staffelstein/Hausen the Rösler group has a global network of 15 manufacturing/sales branches and 150 sales agents.